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From your very first day of class until graduation day, Celebrity Stylist Beauty School will provide you with everything required to maximize your talents, your creative abilities, and your success in the beauty industry.

Upon receipt of your Celebrity Stylist’s diploma and license from the State of Louisiana’s Board of Cosmetology a wide array of successful career paths await you. From flexible, part-time employment options to ownership of your own chain of beauty salons, and/or spas, your beauty career will offer you unprecedented opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Experience The Celebrity Stylist Beauty School

When you Choose Celebrity Stylist Beauty School, you’re choosing:

A Diverse Curriculum 

No matter which program you choose, our curriculum is diverse and comprehensive. You’ll be able to learn with state-of-the-art technology, seminars, industry events, guest speakers, and more. To ensure we’re teaching you the most up-to-date techniques, we use the Milady Training System. 

Learn From Experienced Instructors

Learn from instructors who share the same passions as you and want to see you succeed. Our instructors have plenty of knowledge about the beauty industry and are ready to teach you. Remember, they were students once too, so they understand your goals!

Gain Hands-On Experience 

We believe that one of the best ways to learn is hands-on. That’s why not only will you get to learn new skills and techniques, but you’ll also get to practice them in our student salon under the supervision of licensed instructors. 


Our Mission Statement

Celebrity Stylist Beauty School is committed to the responsibility of assisting those students enrolled to become self-supporting cosmetologists, manicurists, instructors, and estheticians. Caring, qualified administrators and staff members are dedicated to provide, in a comfortable surrounding, the educational training and skill developing experiences necessary to enable each student to realize his or her highest potential. We believe in the principle of teaching the student to use his or her own mind for constructive and creative thinking in preparation for competition in the working world and to be able to achieve a better standard of living through the beauty industry. Specific objectives include the student completing the course, passing the state examination, and obtaining employment in a career-related position.

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