Guest Services

Color Services

Weekly Rinse
$ 1.50
Permanent Haircolor(Shampoo, Blow-Dry)
Permanent Haircolor(Shampoo, Blow-Dry with irons)
Permanent Haircolor(Shampoo, Roller Set)
Permanent Haircolor(Shampoo, Roller Set or Blow-Dry)
Semi/Demi Haircolor(Shampoo, Roller Set or Blow-Dry)
Demi-Permanent (Shampoo, Blow-Dry)
Demi-Permanent (Shampoo, Blow-Dry,Irons)
Demi-Permanent (Shampoo, Set)
Manic Panic Color( Pre-lightening)
Whole head, full one color
Whole Head, foiled color
Half Head, Solid one color
Half Head, Foiled One Color
Strand 1"
$ 7.00
Strand1/2"or less
$ 3.50
Bleach, Toner, Shampoo/Set
Each additional application
$ 6.00
Frosting Cap, Toner, Shampoo/Set
Foil One Color
Each Additional Color
$ 6.00
Soap Cap (1-1-1)
$ 6.50
Water Perm (rods with water)

Hair Cuts

Cut, With or Without Shampoo
Neck-Nape Area

Hair Services

Shampoo (Without set - Short Hair)
$ 2.00
Shampoo Set
$ 8.00
Shampoo (Blow-Dry)
$ 7.00
Shampoo (Blow-Dry, Marcel)
$10.50 Long Hair Extra
Shampoo (Blow-Dry, Flat Iron)
Shampoo (Style, Cut Long Hair Extra)
Combination of Two or more (Party-Curls & Freeze etc.)
Finger Waves
$12.50 and Up
Freeze and French Roll Combination
Hair Piece-Only No Styling ( Includes Shampoo/Blow Dry)
Hair Pressing and Curl (Irons)
$25.00 and up
Pin Roll
Party Curls, Sister Curls, Shirley Temple Curl (Lottabody)
Party Curls, Sister Curls, Shirley Temple Curl (Iron)
Pony Tail(Plain Bob)
Pony Tail(Combination)
Quick Weave
Scrunch Waves
Track Services
1 Track, Bonded In
$ 5.00
1 Track, Sewn In
$ 7.50
Special Occasion Styling(Scalp Massage, Shampoo, Scalp Massage, Roller Set, Blow-Dry)
Shampoo/Wrap/Style(Flat Iron, Stove, Marcel).
Hair Press with Style(Scalp Massage, Shampoo, Iron, & Blow Dry)
Addition/Extensions(Scalp Massage, Shampoo, and Style)
Braids & Locks(Scalp Massage, Shampoo, and Style)

Jerry Curls

Jerry Curls(Including Conditioner and Style and Haircut

Permanent Waves

Custom Wraps
Long Hair
Long Hair
Piggy Back
Long Hair
Extra Solution
$ 7.50
Long Hair


Relaxer, Retouch(Hair Cut and Roller Set)
$ 25.00
Relaxer, Retouch(Hair Cut and Curling Irons)
$ 30.00
Relaxer-Virgin( Hair Cut and Roller Set)
$ 40.00

Texture Services

Perm(Shampoo, Roller Set or Blow-Dry)
Reformation Curl(Shampoo, Roller Set or Blow-Dry)
Relaxer/Retouch(Shampoo, Roller Set or Blow-Dry)
Straightening System(Shampoo, Roller Set or Blow-Dry)


$ 2.00
Shimmering Lights or Color Shampoo
$ 2.50
Cholesterol(Moisturizing Conditioner)
$ 4.50
Protein(For Weak and Damaged Hair)
$ 4.50

Nail Services

Manicure(Hand and Arm Massage)
Pedicure(Foot and Leg Massage)
Manicure/Pedicure(COMBO Hand Foot Massage)
French Manicure(Hand and Arm Massage, Plain Manicure)
Full Set(Manicure)
Nail Art(Manicure/per set)
Nail Repair(Manicure/per set)
Nail Removal(Manicure)
Fill (per set)(Manicure)
Spa Manicure(Foot and Leg Massage, and Mask)
Hot Oil Manicure(Hand and Arm Massage, Plain Manicure)
Spa Pedicure(Foot and Leg Massage, and Mask)
Polish Change(Removal of Polish)
Paraffin Treatment(Hands or Feet)
Paraffin Combo(Hands and Feet)